Fertility Services for Same Gender Couples

FAQ for Same Sex Females

FAQ for Same Sex Males

More and more, same gender couples are exploring the options available to them in order to have children. At Reproductive Fertility Center, we have worked with many same gender couples and helped them achieve their dreams of starting a family.

In the past, gays and lesbians looking to start a family had to go through the long and often difficult process of adoption. With modern reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), however, couples of the same gender can have children and share the joy of conception and pregnancy as a couple.

Fertility options for lesbian couples

There are a number of options available for lesbian couples trying to start a family. These include:

  • Insemination using a sperm donor.
  • In vitro fertilization using the eggs of one or both partners, fertilized using donor sperm and implanted in the other partner.
  • One female partners Ova + Donor Sperm + one partner carries
  • One female partners Ova +Donor Sperm + surrogate
  • Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + one female partner carries
  • Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + surrogate
  • Two partners eggs + donor sperms + 1 partner carries
  • Two partners eggs + donor sperms + 2 partner carries

Sperm donors can be known to the couple (“Known Sperm Donors,?) or anonymous donors selected from a sperm bank.

Fertility options for gay male couples

Gay men looking to have children require the services of an egg donor and a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. Reproductive Fertility Center has an Egg Donation Program with many qualified egg donors available, as well as resources available to help select an appropriate surrogate.

  • Donor Ova + one or both partners sperm + surrogate
  • Donor Ova + Donor Sperm + surrogate
  • Traditional Surrogate = Egg from surrogate + Partner/Donor sperm
  • Single male/female patient

Legal Resources

Because the laws regarding children of gay and lesbian couples are complicated, we offer referrals to legal resources and attorneys who specialize in legal and contractual issues regarding same sex parenting.