Sperm Donor Insemination in Los Angeles

Sperm Donor Insemination in Los Angeles

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Deciding to start a family can be an exciting time. However, many infertile males, single women, and same-sex female couples lack viable sperm and require a fertility specialist to achieve pregnancy.

At Reproductive Fertility, Dr. Saadat can help you achieve your family dreams through sperm donor insemination. Sperm donor insemination is a safe and effective fertility treatment to help women become pregnant. The process is performed using donor sperm and intrauterine insemination (IUI) techniques.

Who Can Benefit from Sperm Donor Insemination?

There are many instances where individuals or couples can benefit from a Sperm Donor. Some examples of viable patients include:

  • Couples struggling from male factor infertility
    For some couples, sperm donor insemination is an option to increase the chances of pregnancy. This is especially useful for providing viable sperm for male-female couples when the male suffers from infertility.
  • Same Sex Female Couples
    Many same-sex couples desire children but find it difficult due to the limitations of biology. Sperm donor insemination allows same-sex female couples to produce biological children without the need for surrogacy or adoption.
  • Single Women
    An increasing number of women are choosing to have children without a marital partner. Sperm donor insemination allows women to have the families they desire without the need for a husband or other male contributor.
  • Couples or single individuals looking to avoid passing genetic disorders
    In some cases the genetic sperm donor may have a risk of passing down genetic disorders to the offspring. In the event of a sperm donor, we can select a candidate to avoid any risk of these disorders.

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How does the Sperm Donor Insemination Work?

The sperm donor process is broken up into 3 main categories. Here is what you can expect when working with a Sperm Donor.


Before your treatment can take place, you will meet with Dr. Saadat. He will go over your medical history, current reproductive health, and perform fertility diagnostic tests as needed. He will help you determine which donor sperm you’d like to use and answer any questions or concerns you may have to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Saadat may suggest ovarian stimulation medication for your treatment based on your fertility needs.

Washing the Sperm

Prior to the sperm donor insemination treatment, your specialist will “wash” the donated sperm to minimize the chances of infection. Washing the donor semen will separate the sperm from the seminal fluid along with any chemicals used during the freezing process. This provides a safe sample for use in the insemination process. This is similar to the IUI process.


Once the sperm sample is washed, it is carefully placed in the uterine cavity at a time carefully determined by your fertility doctor.

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