Baby Gender Selection in Los Angeles

Baby Gender Selection in Los Angeles

Choose the gender of your future child with gender selection at Reproductive Fertility Center.

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Double-Board Certified Gender Balancing Specialists in Los Angeles

While some prospective parents don’t have a preference on the sex of their child, others wonder if there is a way to choose the gender of their baby and also prevent sex-linked disorders. Many parents have one or more child of a particular sex and want to “balance” their family by having a baby of the opposite sex. Some parents only want one child, and they want to determine whether that child is a boy or a girl.

At Reproductive Fertility Center, we provide the latest technology and treatments to help you select the sex of your child to ensure you have the family of your dreams. Our California fertility team and double board-certified doctor are prepared to carefully guide you through the gender selection process.

What are the Benefits of Gender Selection? 

  1. Family Balancing
    When parents have one or more children of one sex, they may want to make sure their next child is the opposite sex to have a balance of genders among their kids. Gender selection makes this possible.
  2. Choosing the Gender of Your First Child
    Many patients have specific reasons for wanting their firstborn child to be a girl or boy. If you feel certain of what you would like the gender of your first child to be, you can look into our gender selection treatments to help you achieve your family needs.
  3. Have Time to Prepare for Your New Baby
    Knowing the sex of your child before conception can make it easier for you to plan ahead and get everything you’ll need when the baby arrives. This includes having more time to prepare the nursery the way you want it, pick out a name, and buy clothes and other items for your baby based on their gender.
  4. Prevent Sex-Linked Diseases
    Medical conditions that are genetically related or gender-specific that either the male or female patient can pass onto their child can leave them feeling hesitant to start a family. Pre-selection of your child’s gender after conception is an effective process to eliminate these concerns.
  5. Increase the Chances of Successful Pregnancy
    While the gender selection process is underway, our team will assess the healthiest embryos to implant for increasing the chances of a healthy baby

How Does the Gender Selection Process Work?

  1. Consultation
    At Reproductive Fertility Center, our goal is to assist you in building a happy and healthy family. During your consultation, Dr. Peyman Saadat and his team of experts will guide you through the gender selection process and answer any questions you may have. They will explain in detail the process of Gender Selection (through PGT or IVF) and address any concerns you have.
  2. Process
    Gender Selection is performed using a technique called preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which examines the embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) to indicate if the embryos are male or female. At the same time, our team carefully assesses the health of the embryos so you are provided with all the information to make the choice of embryo to move forward with.
  3. Process - IVF
    The female patient will receive injections of fertility drugs to increase the number of healthy eggs her ovary can produce. The eggs are then retrieved from the patient’s body using a fine needle and ultrasound guidance. During the egg retrieval process, the male partner typically collects a semen sample, which is examines to select the most viable sperm for embryo culture.
  4. Process - Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Sex Selection
    Once fertilization is achieved, the resulting embryos are tested genetically to determine while ones will be places in the uterus (embryo transfer). The test can check for gender as well as chromosomal abnormalities.
    After the test results come back and analyzed, one of two healthy embryos of the desired gender are chosen. After the waiting period, the embryo is places in the mother’s uterus.

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