Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy: Tuboplasty Infertility Treatments

Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy: Tuboplasty Infertility Treatments

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Obstructions or closures in the fallopian tubes prevent sperm from being able to reach the eggs for fertilization. Fallopian tube closures or obstructions can occur for a number of reasons, such as infection or disorders. Tuboplasty refers to various procedures designed to restore normal functioning of the fallopian tubes. The experts at Reproductive Fertility Center offer laparoscopy and hysteroscopy techniques for tuboplasty.

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy surgery for infertility treatment can restore the fallopian tubes to allow for a successful pregnancy. We provide professional and compassionate care to restore fertility and help you complete your family.

Factors that Impact Success of Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy Infertility Treatment


Age plays an important role in determining the success of your procedure. Since ovarian reserves naturally decline as a woman ages, the success of conception is impacted with age.

If you are over 35, you may find it more difficult to become pregnant naturally. Additionally, the longer the tubes are blocked, the lower the chance of pregnancy after tuboplasty.

Type of Tubal Obstruction

The goal of these infertility solutions is a successful pregnancy. Many patients achieve pregnancy after the clearance of blockages due to infection or disease.

The procedure to open proximal tubal blockages also has a high success rate as a fertility treatment.

Health Factors

Your medical history and current health can impact your hysteroscopy or laparoscopy infertility treatment.

The procedures become more difficult when performed on patients with a BMI over 30.

Tuboplasty Infertility Treatment Options

What is laparoscopy surgery infertility treatment?

Laparoscopy surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that can treat fallopian tube blockages. Tubes may be blocked due to prior infection, pelvic adhesions, or endometriosis. Diagnostic laparoscopy can identify tubal blockages, and laparoscopic tuboplasty can clear them.

A laparoscopic tuboplasty procedure involves a camera inserted through a small cut in the belly button to provide a visual of the blockage. A minimally invasive technique is used to surgically open the blocked area of the fallopian tube.

Laparoscopy scars are hidden within the belly button.

What is hysteroscopy surgery infertility treatment?

A diagnostic hysteroscopy procedure examines the cervix and uterus using a thin, flexible tube with a light attached. This surgical instrument is known as a hysteroscope. This microsurgery technique can diagnose and treat proximal tubal blockages found.

Proximal tubal blockages are fallopian tubes blocked next to the uterus. They can be treated with operative hysteroscopy (hysteroscopic proximal tubal cannulation). This procedure uses a hysteroscope inserted through the vagina. The blocked area is opened up using a balloon attached to a catheter.

Success rates with proximal cannulation can be as high as 90 percent. The rate of achieving pregnancy ranges from 50 to 90 percent post-surgery.

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