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Expand your family with the help of an egg donor at Reproductive Fertility Center in LA. Our team will guide you in finding the perfect match.

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There are many ways to become pregnant. One way a woman can become pregnant is through egg donation. While choosing to use an egg donor can be difficult, this option dramatically improves success rates for certain women to conceive. At Reproductive Fertility Center, we work with you and a selection of highly qualified donors to help attain your dreams of motherhood. We recognize that this is often a hard choice, and we provide all the support needed throughout the process.

Who Should Consider Egg Donation?

Women who are over 35

Statistically, the ovarian reserve notably decreases in women over the age of 35, along with their ability to conceive naturally. The ovarian reserve is an indicator of the number and viability of the eggs that are matured and released monthly. As the ovarian reserve decreases, a woman reaches advanced maternal age. At that point, IVF with the woman using her own eggs carries a significantly lower pregnancy rate. Depending on advice from a physician after a comprehensive evaluation, this may be the time for some (but not all) women to consider egg donation.

Women in Early Menopause

Unfortunately, even young women can experience a diminished ovarian reserve prematurely; this is also known as early menopause. A diminished ovarian reserve can be caused by a series of factors, and it can affect women of all ages. Women experiencing early menopause may consider egg donation as a solution.

Women with a Genetic Disease

In specific cases, being a carrier for a genetic disease that may impact the viability of a woman’s embryos is a strong reason to consider using an egg donor. Additionally, some genetic diseases can be passed on from a woman to her offspring; in these cases, a woman may choose egg donation as a way of avoiding the risk of passing along any diseases. Thus, by using an egg donor with a healthy genetic background, the risk of a genetic disease being passed from mother to child is significantly reduced. Also, most genetic disorders are able to be diagnosed in embryos.

How Does the Egg Donor Process Work?

At Reproductive Fertility, we work with only the most qualified egg donors. We seek out healthy, physically fit, educated young women to donate eggs to women who desire to become pregnant. The intended mom’s journey begins by reviewing the donor options and selecting a candidate that she feel best suits the needs of her family. You can read more information on our donor screening process, whether you’re interested in either choosing an egg donor or becoming a donor yourself.

Below is a overview of what to expect when using an egg donor at Reproductive Fertility Center:

  1. Egg Match: Our dedicated team will match you with a healthy egg that fits the specifications of the intended parents.
  2. Hormone Treatments: Once the egg donor has been found, both mother and egg donor will go through hormone treatments to prepare for the procedure. The intended mom will undergo a series of injections of estrogen and progesterone that are designed to thicken the endometrial lining. This process prepares the uterus for the embryo.
  3. Egg Harvesting: We harvest the eggs from the donor when an ultrasound indicates the eggs have matured. This process is relatively painless for the donor, who is sedated during the process.
  4. Fertilization & Embryo Transfer: Once we retrieve the eggs, they are fertilized with sperm. The sperm can either be a partner's sperm or donor sperm. The embryos are then incubated and closely watched. As they develop, the embryologist will assess the viability of each embryo. We typically implant embryos three to five days after egg retrieval.
  5. Pregnancy Test: After about 10 days, we perform blood tests to determine if the implantation was successful. The blood test measures the levels of hCG in the woman's blood which will indicate pregnancy. Once we have confirmed pregnancy, we will release the woman to the care of her chosen OB.

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Expand your family with the help of an egg donor at Reproductive Fertility Center in Los Angeles. Our team will guide you in finding the perfect match and walk you throughout the entire process. For more information, reach out to our friendly office staff online or over phone to get started today!

Contact us online, or call us at 310-881-8846.

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I cannot express all my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Saddat and his team for giving me the ultimate blessing of soon becoming a mother. I have struggled with fertility and never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to get pregnant.

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