LGBTQ+ Fertility Services in Los Angeles

LGBTQ+ Fertility Services in Los Angeles

Start the family of your dreams with a Double-Board Certified fertility specialist in the LGBTQ+ community today!

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In the past, same-gender couples looking to start a family had to go through long, complicated adoption processes. Now, with modern reproductive techniques, same-sex couples can have children and share the joys of conception and pregnancy. At Reproductive Fertility Center we believe that everyone who wants to have a family should have the opportunity to have one. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, friendly environment to help same-gender couples of all ages achieve their dreams of parenthood.

LGBTQ+ Fertility Options

When considering fertility options for LGBT patients, there are many questions to be answered so that Reproductive Fertility can create a personalized plan for you and your family. For many LGBT parents, we understand that you do not suffer from reproductive issues, but rather need assistance bringing the sperm and egg together for fertilization. During your consultation, Dr. Saadat will walk you through the process in the safest, most natural and successful roadmap to childbirth. 

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What are Fertility for Gay Couples

For male couples who are looking to get pregnant, most commonly a gestational surrogate and/or egg donor is used to carry the baby. Depending on the results you are looking for, there are some questions to consider:

  • Who’s sperm will be used? 
  • Who will donate the eggs for fertility?
  • Who will carry the baby?

Based on your answers, Reproductive Fertility will guide you down each possible option. Then, we will perform IVF with an egg donor and gestational surrogate. Male couples can choose from the following treatment options:

  • Choosing an egg donor using one or both partners’ sperm and a surrogate
  • Choosing an egg donor using donor sperm and a surrogate

What are Fertility for Lesbian Patients

Lesbian couples looking to have a baby have similar questions they need to decide upon to dictate the fertility path we undergo. These are some of the things to consider:

  • Who will carry the baby?
  • Who’s egg will be used?
  • Who will provide the sperm?

Lesbian couples have a few additional options when it comes to the sperm donor and the egg that will be used. We provide the following fertility treatments for same-sex female couples attempting to start a family of their own:

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) 

  • One of both partners are inseminated with donor sperm through intrauterine insemination, a minimally invasive procedure that increases fertility chances.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is an ART procedure that involves fertilizing a woman's eggs with sperm in a laboratory dish and transferring the resulting embryo to the woman's uterus with the aim of achieving pregnancy. For lesbian couples, this can be achieved via:

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  • Eggs from one or both partners are fertilized using donor sperm and the resulting embryos are implanted into one or both partners.
  • Eggs are taken from one partner, fertilized using a sperm donor, and the embryo is implanted into a surrogate
  • Eggs from a donor are fertilized using donor sperm and implanted into one partner.
  • Eggs from a donor are fertilized using donor sperm and implanted into a surrogate.

Female couples can choose to know their sperm donors or look into autonomous donors selected from a sperm bank.

How much does IVF cost for LGBTQ Parents?

Many fertility clinics offer a range of options for LGBTQ individuals and couples, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). To get an idea of the costs associated with IVF, interested individuals can consult with a fertility specialist or visit the Reproductive Fertility Center website, which provides information on the costs of various fertility treatments.

Fertility for Transgender Patients

Reproductive Fertility Center is familiar with male and female transgender fertility services needed to build the family of your dreams. While the needs of every patent vary, our team of dedicated experts to create the protocol require to achieve the goal of having a baby. Additionally, we offer cryopreservation options to patients, or individuals that are in the process of transitioning to allow you fertility options later.

Begin Building Your Family with a LGBTQ+ Fertility Doctor in Los Angeles

Reproductive Fertility Center strongly believes that everyone who would like to be a parent should have the opportunity. We are deeply passionate about helping our LGBTQ+ couples with the fertility technology and medicines to make their dreams a reality from the initial consultation to post-conception. For more information, reach out to our friendly office staff online or over phone to get started today!

Contact us online, or call us at 310-881-8846.

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We want to thank you for all of your help, compassion and care you have given us through our journey. Your kindness has truly made a difference for us. We hope to see you in a year or two for baby number 2.‍

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We just celebrated our son’s first birthday and thought we should send out warm wishes to Dr. Saadat and his team as well. Without them this would not have been possible.‍

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I cannot express all my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Saddat and his team for giving me the ultimate blessing of soon becoming a mother. I have struggled with fertility and never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to get pregnant.

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