Female Infertility Testing in Los Angeles

If your first step to parenthood is fertility testing, we understand it can be intimidating. Our dedicated staff is here to comfort and navigate you through your options.

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When a female patient or couple has been unable to conceive on their own, it takes courage to make that first step to schedule a comprehensive infertility evaluation with a doctor. According to the Centers for Disease Control about 11% or women during their reproductive age face fertility issues. 

When you walk into our clinic, Dr. Saadat will spend all the time you need during the first consultation to review your medical history in full detail and answer all your questions. Our team of Los Angeles fertility experts at Reproductive Fertility are here to help.

Reasons that You Should Take an Infertility Evaluation

For your comprehensive infertility evaluation, our team of fertility experts will determine which tests are necessary to identify any potential issues and what approach(es) are available to help you achieve your goal of a successful pregnancy. Although there can be a variety of reasons why someone may be infertile, the most common include:

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Women who have experienced multiple miscarriages can benefit from our comprehensive infertility evaluation to determine the underlying cause of this issue and help you find the best solution to improve your chances of a full-term pregnancy.

Difficulty Conceiving 

Patients who are unable to conceive, whether because of specific medical issues, genetics, or unknown reasons, can choose to meet with Dr. Saadat for a comprehensive infertility evaluation.

Age-Related Infertility 

Women over the age of 35 who wish to have children may find it difficult to conceive. Our comprehensive infertility evaluations can determine the appropriate solution to help patients create the family they have always wanted.

If you believe you may be infertile and want professional help, Contact our dedicated Los Angeles team online here or call our office for help 310-881-8846.

Tests for Female Infertility in Los Angeles

For your infertility test, your doctor will begin by gathering historical detail about you and your family’s medical background. They also will perform some of the following tests:

AMH Blood Test and Vaginal Ultrasound

During your initial consultation, Dr. Saadat will administer an anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) blood test and a vaginal ultrasound unless you have a specific issue or medical history that would indicate starting with different tests. The AMH test is used to assess your ovarian (egg) reserve, and the ultrasound is used to do a follicle count and check for any issues that are visible on the ultrasound. 

Female Hormone Evaluation

A serum progesterone test determines how much progesterone is in the blood, which is a hormone produced in the ovaries after ovulation. This test can help discover whether a woman is ovulating (whether an egg is being released from her ovaries) with each menstrual cycle.

If a woman is experiencing anovulation (when the ovaries do not release an egg), the following lab tests can help determine why:

  • Testing follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol levels can determine whether the patient is entering menopause or perimenopause
  • Testing of the thyroid-stimulating hormone can determine if the thyroid is causing the patient not to ovulate
  • Testing of prolactin can determine if a hormonal imbalance in the prolactin level is the reason for anovulation

Evaluation of Tubal Patency

Evaluation of tubal patency will determine whether a woman’s fallopian tubes are open or not. If necessary, Dr. Saadat will recommend that you undergo a hysterosalpingogram (an X-ray that uses dye) to examine the fallopian tubes at an outside imaging center. The HSG X-ray is a time-sensitive test done between the 7th and 10th day of a woman’s cycle.

Evaluation of the Uterus

A hydro sonogram (water ultrasound) is used to evaluate the uterus and determine if there are fibroids or polyps present in the uterine cavity. For some patients, a hysterosalpingogram (X-ray that uses dye) at an outside imaging center may be recommended instead of a hydro sonogram to evaluate the uterine cavity.

How Much Do Female Infertility Tests Cost in California?

The cost of a female infertility test could vary by person depending on the tests we have to perform to understand the source of your infertility. Some tests are faster, simpler, and less expensive than others.

Some may be eligible for financing or insurance coverage for your female infertility tests. Our team will be happy to review these options with you during the initial consultation. Contact us online or through call us at 310-881-8846 to get started.

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We want to thank you for all of your help, compassion and care you have given us through our journey. Your kindness has truly made a difference for us. We hope to see you in a year or two for baby number 2.‍

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We just celebrated our son’s first birthday and thought we should send out warm wishes to Dr. Saadat and his team as well. Without them this would not have been possible.‍

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I cannot express all my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Saddat and his team for giving me the ultimate blessing of soon becoming a mother. I have struggled with fertility and never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to get pregnant.

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