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When a sperm enters an egg, the egg becomes fertilized and then develops into an embryo. For in vitro fertilization (IVF), eggs are retrieved from the female and sperm are collected from the male to create the embryo(s). For one reason or another, patients may not be ready for embryo transfer immediately, or, if more than one viable embryo is created, patients may want to preserve the embryo(s) that are not immediately transferred for future use.

At Reproductive Fertility, we provide patients with the opportunity to freeze and store their healthy embryos to be used when the timing is right for them. 

What are the Benefits of Embryo Freezing? 

Embryo freezing and cryopreservation stores fertilized eggs for later on. Often time, this process is used during fertility treatments like IVF along with couples or individuals that want to help preserve fertility for a later time. This advancement in fertility technology brings many additional benefits including:

Lowering the Risk of Multiple Pregnancies

For IVF, multiple eggs are fertilized, but only one embryo (or a limited number of embryos) is generally transferred to the uterus at a time. By limiting the number of embryos transferred in an initial cycle, the risk of multiple pregnancies is lowered, and patients have the chance to get pregnant with a future IVF cycle using their frozen embryos.

Helps Eliminate the Expense of Additional Embryo Cultures

After IVF, patients may be left with one or more embryos that cannot be immediately placed into the uterus. Freezing the embryos for later use eliminates the expense of having to undergo additional egg and sperm retrieval and embryo culture.

Allows for Preimplantation Genetic Testing

A preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) screening can be performed to test an embryo for genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. This technique requires the embryos to be frozen while the results are developed, and it has a 98 percent accuracy rate.

Fertility Preservation

A woman’s ovarian reserve decreases as she ages, so attempting to start a family at a later time could be difficult. A single woman may choose donor sperm and freeze her embryos, or a couple could freeze their embryos to start a family later when they are ready. Embryo freezing can also benefit those with a disease that affects their eggs or sperm or those with early-stage cancer who need radiation or chemotherapy.

If you feel that Embryo Freezing and Storage is right for you, contact our dedicated team online here or call our office for help 310-881-8846.

How is the Embryo Freezing and Subsequent Embryo Transfer Done? 

Freezing Process

Embryos are frozen in the IVF laboratory in special holding containers (freezing straws) in which they are suspended in a small volume of supporting medium and a special freezing solution (cryoprotectant).

During the freezing process, the embryos are brought to a temperature of -196 ºC (-321 ºF) and submerged in liquid nitrogen in storage tanks. The embryos may be frozen at any stage of development within the first five days after fertilization, whether the embryo is just a few cells or 100 cells.

Embryo Thawing and Transfer

Embryo transfer is scheduled based on the female patient’s menstrual cycle. The embryos are thawed and evaluated before being transferred into the uterus via a thin catheter through the cervix.

Contact a Los Angeles Embryo Freezing and Storage Fertility Today!

Reproductive Fertility Center prides ourselves in state-of-the-art facility that enables us to help families with future fertility treatment. Our double-board certified doctor and team is dedicated to your fertility goals and will be happy to help you through the entire process. For more information, contact us online or at 310-881-8846 to get started.

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