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What Are the Benefits of Fertility Services in the United States?

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For many patients abroad, traveling to the US for fertility treatments may appear to be more trouble than it’s worth. It can be challenging to secure travel documents, pay for a plane ticket, and secure lodging in the US. However, there are several advantages to undergoing fertility treatments in America that you may not have in your home country.

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Table of Contents:

Why Choose to Come to the US for Fertility Treatments?

More Flexible Surrogacy Laws

Better Regulatory Frameworks

More Advanced Fertility Technologies And Techniques

Higher Success Rates

What Do I Need to Know Before Traveling to the US for Fertility Treatments?

Do You Want to Learn More About Fertility Services in the United States?

Why Choose to Come to the US for Fertility Treatments?

We offer legal gestational surrogacy (using a surrogate mother) and legal egg donation surrogacy (where the egg comes from a donor instead of the prospective mother). 

Dr. Saadat’s fertility treatments in the US offer several advantages compared to treatments offered by fertility specialists abroad.

Flexible Surrogacy Laws

One of the challenges in other countries is the legal status of children born through a surrogate. This can be complicated, especially in countries like China or Germany that ban the practice of surrogacy. In many countries, laws can be ambiguous or even hostile on the subject of legal parentage through gestational surrogacy. 

German law, for example, states in section 1591 of the civil code that the legal mother of a child is the woman who gives birth to it. This makes legal surrogacy impossible. 

Under California law, surrogacy contracts can be drawn up that explicitly define parents’ and surrogates’ roles, responsibilities, and rights to prevent these issues. 

Regulatory Frameworks

Egg donation, surrogacy, and sex selection are covered by several laws in the United States to protect donors, parents, surrogates, and babies. The American legal system aims to protect all participants. 

In other countries, the laws around fertility procedures are often not as well-defined, especially legal protections. For example, Spain stopped registering children born through gestational surrogacy as citizens in 2019

This makes it safer to undergo fertility treatment in the US compared to most other countries. However, prospective parents should be aware of their home country’s laws regarding returning with a surrogate child.

Advanced Fertility Technologies and Techniques

Our US fertility clinic uses advanced tools, technologies, and techniques to protect your baby. 

When you choose Dr. Saadat for your fertility procedures, you are choosing a doctor who uses some of the safest and most advanced fertility treatments in the world. 

High Success Rates

Thanks to advanced technology, rigorous licensing requirements, and strict legal requirements, fertility services at the Reproductive Fertility Center provide higher success rates compared to other fertility clinics. 

If you want a higher chance of achieving pregnancy, selecting Dr. Saadat as your fertility specialist is one of the best choices you can make. 

What Do I Need to Do Before Traveling to the US for Fertility Treatments?

Before traveling to the US to meet with Dr. Saadat, there are several steps you should take. You can learn more about the preparatory process for international patients here.

Virtual Consultation

First, you should contact our office to express your interest and schedule a virtual consultation. This phone or video call will help Dr. Saadat guide you through the process. 

Fertility Testing 

After your consultation, Dr. Saadat will usually request a series of tests for both prospective parents. You can usually undergo these tests in your home country. 

Learn more about these tests by visiting our fertility evaluation page

Fertility Supplements

Dr. Saadat may prescribe personalized supplements to help prepare you for more advanced fertility procedures.

Your Personalized Fertility Treatment Plan

Once the initial tests are complete, Dr. Saadat will recommend a treatment plan customized for your needs. This may include IVF treatments, surrogacy options, or microsurgery procedures.

Travel to the US

Finally, you will schedule your appointment and make arrangements to travel to the US for your fertility procedure.

Learn More About Fertility Services in the United States

If you want to learn more about fertility services in the US, please call our office at (310) 929-6707 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you become a parent.