March 6, 2023

Should I Choose IUI or IVF Fertility Treatments?

Should I Choose IUI or IVF Fertility Treatments?

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For many families struggling with infertility, it can be difficult to decide what treatment options to pursue. The first step in dealing with infertility is to get a diagnosis from an infertility specialist like Dr. Saadat. A diagnosis may require a series of tests to determine the cause of infertility. This process will help you determine what your options are to treat your infertility and create a family. 

Two of the most effective infertility treatments are intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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What Is IUI?

IUI is a process where a semen sample from the male partner (or a donor) is washed in a cleaning solution, concentrated, and inserted into the uterine cavity. This process can treat many diagnosed and undiagnosed fertility concerns, including conditions such as low sperm count and some STIs. IUI treatments can significantly increase the chances of conception but will not adequately address all forms of infertility. 

IUI treatments are an excellent choice for an initial treatment, as the process is simple, safe, and generally effective while also relatively low cost. 

What Is IVF?

IVF is a process where healthy eggs are stimulated for release and extracted by Dr. Saadat. These healthy eggs are then fertilized with sperm from the male partner or donor, and the resulting embryos develop for a few days in our lab.

The embryos can be checked for any deformities or other abnormalities if you would like to undergo preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). If PGT is not used, embryo grading is used to select which embryos to transfer. The healthy embryo(s) will then be inserted into the uterus. 

A series of pregnancy tests will be used to confirm implantation over the next two to four weeks.

How Do I Choose Between IUI and IVF?

For most patients, the method of achieving pregnancy is less important than the ultimate result. Generally speaking, IUI treatments are a better place to begin infertility treatments unless a specific infertility diagnosis suggests otherwise. While IVF is generally more effective, it can also be more complex. Therefore, Dr. Saadat usually recommends patients begin with an IUI procedure. 

IUI is also highly effective and treats multiple forms of infertility without the need for egg retrieval or other procedures. Should an IUI treatment fail three or more times, Dr. Saadat will usually suggest moving on to an IVF treatment. In the unlikely event that IVF also fails to produce results, Dr. Saadat may suggest other alternatives.

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