June 5, 2023

May 1st Is National Infertility Survival Day

May 1st Is National Infertility Survival Day

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Many couples and individuals dream of starting their own families. Sadly, there are several potential complications that can make it difficult for couples (or individuals) to conceive naturally.

According to the CDC, approximately one out of every five women (ages 15-49) have trouble conceiving after one year of trying. This is a significant statistic and one that should show women and couples who identify with it that they are not alone.

To help bring light to this issue, we recognize National Infertility Survival Day.

National Infertility Survival Day is celebrated annually on the Sunday prior to Mother’s Day. This year on May 1, 2023, we will recognize women and men who are struggling physically and emotionally due to their troubles conceiving.

What Should You Do If You Have Difficulties Conceiving?

Challenges with infertility affect both men and women and look different to each person. Generally, infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant naturally after one year of trying (however, this can vary depending on the woman’s age and other genetic conditions). 

According to research by WHO, approximately 48 million couples globally have infertility issues.

Therefore, it is important to understand that challenges can come from both sides. 

While it is understandable to feel frustrated, angry, and sad during this time, it is critical to remain positive because there are treatments available that might be able to help. 

Undergo a Fertility Evaluation

If you have been trying to get pregnant with no luck (or have been able to get pregnant but not carry to term), there may be an underlying cause. 

To best determine this, consider undergoing a comprehensive fertility evaluation. These should be performed on both partners to identify possible complications.

Once these tests have been completed and any potential problems identified, you will be able to learn more about your treatment options or alternative solutions.

What Are Your Advanced Treatment Options?

Advancements in technology make it more possible than ever for people living with infertility to conceive.

Some of these options include:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

During IVF, your ovum is harvested from the ovaries and taken to the laboratory to be fertilized. 

After fertilization, the ovum will undergo embryonic development, and all the processes will take place within the laboratory sector until the embryo has developed. 

After the development of the embryo, the doctor will take it and implant it into your uterus to undergo other developmental stages.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

This is the process where viable sperms are harvested and deposited directly into the uterine horns during ovulation. 

Typically, this is done when sperm may have difficulties traveling into the uterus. 

Recognize May 1st as National Infertility Survival Day

If you or a loved one has experienced challenges when building their family, recognize them and their strength this year. 

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