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How Do I Choose the Best Egg Donor for Me?

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A woman’s age, genetics, and medical conditions can play a significant role in her fertility. Women under 35 years of age experiencing fertility issues are likely to have a successful outcome using their own eggs during an in vitro fertilization cycle. However, women past the age of 35 may benefit from using an egg donor with their IVF treatment. Aging generally causes a woman’s ovarian reserve to decrease, and some women may experience prematurely diminished ovarian reserve (early menopause). As a woman’s number of viable eggs decreases, so does her ability to conceive with these eggs. Women with medical conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), may also have difficulties becoming pregnant. A woman with a genetic disease may be concerned about passing the disease to her child, as the genes in her eggs can carry the disease.

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These women may want to consider egg donation to become pregnant because it provides a safe and highly successful option for conception. Although choosing to use an egg donor can be a tough decision, using healthy donated eggs has been proven to improve a woman’s ability to become pregnant, and it reduces the chance of the mother passing on a genetic disease to her child. Our Reproductive Fertility Clinic staff is here to help make your egg donation matching process as smooth and successful as possible.

Selecting an Egg Donor

Once a couple has determined to become pregnant through egg donation, they will begin the process by choosing a candidate they both believe will best suit their family needs and goals. While selecting a donor can be simple for some couples, others may find the process a bit more complicated. However, it is important for the intended parents to feel mentally and emotionally comfortable in knowing that the egg donor they choose will meet their needs.

The criteria important in the selection of a donor is unique to each intended parent. Some couples select a donor based on physical appearance, intelligence, health, and medical history. Others may look for a good family background or indications of special talents their children may be able to acquire (e.g., artistic skills or athleticism). All of our donors are thoroughly screened, have committed to helping others become parents, and are healthy, physically fit, focused on their career or education, and from a variety of ethnicities. Our staff will work closely with you to find the ideal candidate so that together, we can help you become the parent(s) you are meant to be.

Couples seeking options for starting a family of their own can come in for a fertility consultation to discuss their options with Dr. Saadat. We would like to help you understand all the choices available to you. Contact our office at (310) 929-6707 today to learn more!