Exercise During IVF Treatment

Everything in moderation is a phrase we hear often, but just because it is frequently heard does not lessen its value. Take for example exercise during an IVF cycle. Dr. Peyman Saadat encourages all patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which means a healthy diet as well as exercise. However, there are guidelines to follow for exercise when undergoing, or considering undergoing fertility treatment – especially IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

If you have been active and exercised intensely, it is ok to continue up until you start your IVF cycle. Once an IVF cycle is begun, (with the start of medication), patients are advised to stick to low impact types of exercise, such as walking, yoga (not the hot yoga), swimming, Pilates, or light weights. This type of exercise is generally considered safe for everyone; although your Doctor may advise that you refrain from exercise completely. Always ask Dr. Peyman Saadat, or your Doctor, what they advise for you specifically.

While it may seem that advising patients to lighten the amount of exercise they do is not helpful, there is an important medical reason behind Dr. Peyman Saadats guideline. High impact exercise done during IVF treatment can lead to a condition called ovarian torsion. During IVF, your ovaries become larger and with the jarring motions of high impact exercise, it is possible that the enlarged ovaries will become twisted. In addition, doing exercise in moderation will allow the body to focus on making follicles and eggs, and hopefully achieve better egg quality.

Physical activity can be beneficial to everyone (unless advised otherwise), including those undergoing fertility treatment. Keep in mind the ultimate goal of a successful pregnancy, and follow Dr. Peyman Saadats (or your Doctors)advice. If you are ready to begin your journey, call us at RFC at 310.929.6707