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5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive During Fertility Treatment

Posted December 17, 2019 in In Vitro Fertilization

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When a couple seeks fertility treatment to begin or add to their family, it can be a sensitive and busy time. Maintaining intimacy may not be at the top of their list, and their relationship may take a back seat. It is important to build a strong foundation with your partner and support each other during this new chapter in your pregnancy journey.

Maintaining intimacy and communication in your relationship is key to keeping the spark alive during fertility treatments.

It can be a delicate transition into what will most likely consist of regular doctor’s appointments while balancing your life and family. With a lot of your time and energy focused on fertility treatment, it may take some effort to get in the mood or make time for intimacy and sexual activities as frequently as you’d like.

Our fertility experts at Reproductive Fertility are here to offer guidance and advice along the way. The results will be worth any struggles you may encounter.

How Do I Create Intimacy With My Partner During Fertility Treatment?

Here are some ways to heighten your intimacy with your partner during fertility treatment:

1. Communication

Intimacy is not just about the physical and sexual side of a relationship; intimacy also encompasses emotional closeness.

Your partner is your support system, and having a strong support system is essential during your fertility treatment. Confide in your partner. Share your feelings, whether they are of excitement, worry, or stress, and be understanding and supportive of your partner’s feelings.

Your relationship should be a place of solitude, openness, and non-judgment. Setting aside quality time to have dialogue sessions with your partner about your feelings will encourage a healthy, strong family unit.

2. Try Something New

As with any situation, if you maintain a constant routine, it can become lackluster and dull. The same can be said with sexual activity.

You should have an open conversation with your partner and see if there is anything new you both might want to try. Perhaps there is a room in the house that you have not been intimate in, or maybe there’s a sexual position that you two have never done before.

There are countless possibilities.

3. Massages

Intimacy does not always equal sex. A simple massage can be the right amount of physical touch that can stimulate intimate feelings and a deep physical connection between you and your partner. 

So bring out your favorite scented lotion, lie down, and relax! 

4. Recreate Your First Experience

Remember how exciting and new that first time was? You would be amazed at what talking about your early sexual adventures with your partner will do.

So next time you are looking for ways to heat things up, start talking about the adventurous sexual activities you two enjoyed when you first got together. Remembering, recreating, and expanding on your earlier sexual experiences together can reignite a spark and mix things up.

5. Date Night

Remember when you first met each other and routine date night was the most exciting part of the week? 

Bring that back by taking turns planning a date night. A date night can give you and your partner a break from your everyday stresses. Date night puts the attention back on your relationship, which is precisely where it should be.

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