March 6, 2023

What NOT to Say to a Woman Who May Be Struggling to Conceive

What NOT to Say to a Woman Who May Be Struggling to Conceive

When trying to start a family, most of us just assume it will happen easily. Difficulty conceiving coupled with the idea that you may need to use alternative methods to start your family can be heartbreaking. Close friends and family offering advice can make it even worse.

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If you know someone who is experiencing infertility, here are a few things you should avoid saying:

You Are Still Young, or You Have Time

Although age plays a major role in the ability to conceive, being young does not make someone immune to fertility issues. Premature ovarian insufficiency is one such reason that a young woman may have difficulty.

You Can Always Do IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an amazing option for couples who cannot conceive on their own, as it allows women who may never be able to conceive the joy of becoming a parent. However, IVF may not be the way that most of us picture getting pregnant, and it likely takes some time to accept the idea that help will be needed to achieve pregnancy.

You Can Always Adopt

Adoption can be a wonderful, life-changing experience for many couples experiencing infertility. Adoption can also be a long and complicated process, not to mention financially and emotionally draining. For some, adoption is the answer to their dreams, while for others, it may not be an option. In either case, it is not a suggestion to offer to someone going through infertility.

Maybe It Is for the Best

When it comes to trying to console a loved one dealing with a difficult issue such as infertility, implying that their struggles may be fortunate in the long run can sometimes come off the wrong way. Grief is often overwhelming, and being told that their pain is all part of a grand plan and that something good will come from it can be upsetting. If someday your loved one can look back and feel that way, it can be a healing moment, but they must be allowed time to grieve.

The best thing to do for a loved one dealing with infertility is to be there for them. Listen. Don’t offer advice or opinions, just listen.

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