March 6, 2023

What Are the Benefits of Individualized Supplements When It Comes to Fertility?

What Are the Benefits of Individualized Supplements When It Comes to Fertility?

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When you begin treatment with Dr. Saadat, one of the first things he will do after evaluating your medical history and goals may be to recommend a series of fertility supplements. These supplements can help increase the chances of successful pregnancy as they help improve the quality and production of sperm and eggs.

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What Supplements May Be Included in Your Specific Treatment Plan?

While the complete list of supplements for both men and women vary by individual, Dr. Saadat commonly recommends taking CoQ10, vitamin D3, and fish oil. He has seen many clients experience great success over the years after incorporating these supplements. 

  • CoQ10 has been shown to help with ovarian stimulation and egg quality
  • Vitamin D3 has been shown to help with female fertility and increase men’s sperm counts
  • Fish oil is believed to increase sperm count

Dr. Saadat will evaluate your health needs during your consultation and recommend the right supplements for you to improve your and your partner’s chances of a successful pregnancy. 

Why Take Supplements When Trying to Become Pregnant?

Supplements have significant benefits for both men and women. These supplements can help ensure that sperm and eggs are healthy and that ovulation occurs properly. In addition, supplements can help support your baby’s health after conception. 

Increase the Chances of Successful Fertility Treatments

Fertility supplements and vitamins can improve the health and fertility of both male and female patients. This can help more advanced fertility treatments like IVF be more successful. 

Individualized supplement treatments focus on what your body needs. 

Promote Your Baby’s Health

Some prenatal vitamins, most notably folic acid, can help prevent fetal neural tube defects, a dangerous and potentially deadly development. 

Women who are trying to become pregnant should begin taking these supplements starting three months before they begin trying for a baby. 

Why Go to Dr. Saadat for Fertility Supplements?

Many companies and healthcare providers prescribe fertility supplements and prenatal vitamins. However, if you are having difficulty conceiving, the best practice is to consult with a fertility specialist like Dr. Saadat to determine the correct supplements for you.

Not every couple’s fertility difficulties are the same; therefore, not everyone benefits from taking the same supplements. It is important to identify what is contributing to your challenges to have the best chance of addressing that concern. 

To ensure that your fertility supplement regimen is safe and effective, you should consult with Dr. Saadat.

Want to Learn More About Individualized Supplements?

If you want to learn more about fertility supplements, please call our office at (310) 881-8846 to schedule a consultation.

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