March 6, 2023

Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate?

Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate?

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Becoming a gestational surrogate is one of the most fulfilling ways to change the life of a couple or individual in a positive and substantial way. 

Surrogate allows intended parents to feel her tummy.

Helping those who want to start or grow their family, but have significant challenges in doing so on their own, is a win-win situation.

Qualifying as a Surrogate

The following criteria must be met to qualify as a gestational surrogate:

  • Lifestyle - You should eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and abstain from smoking, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Previous pregnancy - You should have experienced at least one uneventful pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby.
  • Time commitment - You should be ready to commit a full year to the process. Ensure this is the right time for you to devote up to 12 months to become qualified as a surrogate for a deserving family and the nine months needed to carry their baby.

Understanding the Surrogacy Process

While surrogacy is a mutually beneficial arrangement, to keep these relationships and experiences positive, the process of becoming a surrogate has been developed and fine tuned over the years to meet each party's physical and emotional needs and legal requirements.

Once the preliminary requirements have been met and you have decided to proceed as a surrogate, you will need to provide an official report of your medical history, including records of your previous pregnancy, annual gynecological exams, and recent pap smear.

The gestational surrogacy agency will require these records along with their completed questionnaire.

Being Matched With the Intended Parents 

Once you finish the preliminary steps, the agency will start looking for a suitable match and schedule your initial meeting with the intended parents by phone or in person. 

If the match meets each party's expectations, a medical exam will be performed, including lab work and a physical examination. This information and your medical records will be thoroughly reviewed, and you will undergo a psychological assessment. 

If you have a spouse or partner, you will both receive psychological evaluations to confirm your understanding of this decision. 

Legal Obligations and Compensation for Surrogacy

You and the intended parents will each have different lawyers to ensure that your rights and the intended parents' rights are protected. However, your attorney fees will be covered by the intended parents.

Surrogates are typically compensated generously for their assistance, and the details will all be worked when the legal contracts are drawn up.

Treatments and Embryo Transfer

Once you’ve made it past the medical and psychological clearance and all the legal contracts have been signed, you can begin receiving the injections needed to thicken your uterine lining. The embryo will be transferred into your uterus in a month or so.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is used to create this embryo made from the parents' egg and sperm or those of a donor. Expect a minimum of six visits to the fertility clinic during the embryo transfer cycle.

The Next Nine Months

Now that you are carrying precious cargo, you will be instructed to take good care of yourself by eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, and keeping stress to a minimum. 

Be sure to attend your scheduled appointments and share your progress with the intended parents.

Still Interested in Becoming a Surrogate in Southern California?

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