March 7, 2023

Reproductive Fertility Center Is a WINFertility Elite Network Provider

Reproductive Fertility Center Is a WINFertility Elite Network Provider

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What Is the WINFertility Network?

When building a family with the assistance of fertility treatments, the struggle can be challenging to go through alone. 

Navigating complicated fertility treatment options is often overwhelming and confusing. 

The founders of the WINFertility Network created the group to cater to aspiring parents' needs as they journey towards the family of their dreams. 

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With more than 20 years of research and treatment data, the network combines clinical management experience with expertise and the latest technologies to create connections that will improve your fertility health experience.

The WinFertility network provides fertility benefits management, from genetic testing to surrogacy to adoption. By pooling the resources of many fertility centers and experts, the network allows doctors and their patients to access the best tools and resources to meet their goals.

Reproductive Fertility Center Has Joined the WINFertility Elite Network

Only the best clinics and physicians are chosen to become participants based on their proven track record of success.

Dr. Peyman Saadat and his team at Reproductive Fertility Center are proud to now be a part of WINFertility Elite.

Why Did the Reproductive Fertility Center Join the Network?

The Reproductive Fertility Center joined the WINFertility Elite Network to improve the services they provide for you. 

The WINFertility Network boasts improved success rates with all fertility health procedures. Its members get better access to the most advanced treatments for use at the most appropriate time. This benefit will directly impact patients and improve their chances of success.

The network also improves the patient experience by providing nurse care managers to assist with client support throughout their journey. This often means faster and more in-depth access to advice and guidance. 

The network also improves administration, making it smoother and easier through online support.

What Does This Mean for You?

The benefits of going to a WINFertility Network provider have the biggest impact on you as a patient. With improved success rates, your journey will hopefully have fewer hiccups along the way. Patients within this network report fewer hospitalizations and fewer multiple gestations. Their pregnancy rates have also increased and are above the national average.

Treatment can be expensive, but the network can also help provide financial support. For example, if you've exhausted your insurance coverage for infertility, you can work with a representative towards a solution. Also, the network simplifies treatments by offering bundles, which may discount pricing for you (including the treatment and medication). With the help of the network, you may be able to increase your savings on neonatal intensive care by up to 45 percent.

Smoother administration means that your scheduling will be less tedious and that making your payment may be easier. Shorter lines and faster bookings will go a long way to improving your family-building journey.

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