March 7, 2023

Reproductive Fertility Center Celebrates the Holidays!

Reproductive Fertility Center Celebrates the Holidays!

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To wrap up a successful 2021, the team at Reproductive Fertility Center was happy to celebrate the holidays and prepare for the new year!

Our annual holiday party, held on December 8, 2021, was a way for our Reproductive Fertility Center doctors, surgery center team, and lab staff to reflect on the successes of the previous year and the many couples and individuals they helped. 

Remembering 2021

This is always a special time of year to think about all of the men and women who came to the Reproductive Fertility Center in hopes of starting down that precious road of parenthood. The team here at RFC is constantly reminded what a gift it is to be in this field and to see their hard work pay off in helping to create healthy and happy families.

Celebrating With Friends

From sharing and laughing about some of their favorite lighter moments from 2021 to eating a variety of catered-in meals (including staff favorites of sushi and Persian food), this year’s holiday party was one to remember. 

Dr. Saadat handed out gifts to everyone — their favorites from Bath and Body Works — to show his immense gratitude to his team and all of their hard work. 

Looking Forward

Dr. Saadat and the team here at Reproductive Fertility Center look forward to 2022 and the new successes and families that lay ahead.

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