March 6, 2023

How to Talk to Your Partner About Infertility

How to Talk to Your Partner About Infertility

One of the many fears young people face when they discover they are not able to conceive is the feeling that they have disappointed their partner. Infertility can occur due to several factors, including problems with ovulation, low sperm count, and genetics. Because this is a very sensitive topic, it is not something many couples talk openly about, and they may even feel scared or ashamed to discuss it with their significant other. However, changing the way you and your partner frame the narrative can help address these fears.

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The key is knowing what steps you should take to have a healthy, open, and honest conversation with your loved one when you both feel ready to talk. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when having the infertility discussion with your partner.

Be Supportive of Your Partner

The first step in the conversation about infertility is all about finding balance with each other. The goal is to assure your partner that you are willing to take the journey together should you encounter difficulties. It is important that you both reinforce the positive aspects of your relationship to help reduce tension and stress. A few things to avoid when talking to your partner about infertility include:

  • Placing blame on one another
  • Telling the other person how to “fix” the issue
  • Not telling the truth about how you feel
  • Making assumptions

Reminding each other about the importance of the relationship and how much you love each other is a great way to support your partner's emotional and physical needs during this time.  Remember, you and your partner are not the only couple who may be struggling with this issue. A large part of this conversation is knowing that you do not hold all the responsibility and your partner is in this with you.

It’s Okay to Seek Professional Help

Whether it is for the emotional or the medical aspect of it, it is essential that you and your loved one keep your minds open about seeking professional help. Supporting each other while coping with the thought of needing extra help to conceive can provide some relief and help you avoid being judgemental about it. Talking with a professional can be a safe place for many couples to talk about infertility and how their desire for the future may look very different now with the possibility of needing fertility treatments. Having the support of a fertility specialist does not mean you have failed in your relationship, but that you have succeeded in being honest and proactive with each other.

Keep an Open Mind When Discussing Your Options

Discussing fertility treatment options with your partner and specialist can feel a bit overwhelming, as there are many methods to choose from, including:

Although it can be stressful and a little bit scary, keeping an open mind when looking into your options is a great way to establish open communication between you and your partner. The way you feel about approaching certain fertility treatments may be different than how your partner is feeling. Make sure you are both prepared to share and listen when taking the next step. You will not know if you and your loved one are on the same page until you discuss these things openly.

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