March 3, 2023

Are Long Periods a Sign of Infertility

Are Long Periods a Sign of Infertility
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A woman’s period generally lasts between 5-7 days. A period that lasts longer than that may be a sign of an underlying condition that might cause, or contribute to, infertility. Having normal menstrual cycles is usually a sign that the brain and the ovaries and uterus are communicating and working well. When things are working well, the chain of events is as follows: the brain produces hormones (FSH and LH) that signal the ovary to produce a follicle (which contains the egg). The follicle then produces estrogen and progesterone that will make the lining of the uterus grow, and the lining will then shed if no pregnancy occurs. Any changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle can indicate there has been a disruption in that chain. For example, during peri-menopause, the brain does not produce enough FSH or LH, and the ovaries do not respond to the brain hormones normally.

In addition, irregular menses can occur if the uterus has fibroid(s) or polyp(s), or if there is abnormal growth of the uterine lining.

If you are experiencing long menstrual periods, you should consult your Ob/GYN or a fertility specialist to evaluate your hormones and your uterus to determine the exact cause for it, as this may be a sign of serious disease that will require further testing.

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