March 3, 2023

3 Reasons to See a Fertility Specialist

3 Reasons to See a Fertility Specialist

For many couples, talking to a fertility specialist is an essential part of trying to start a family. Sometimes, it is even a good idea to schedule a consultation before you and your partner start trying to conceive. With so much help offered nowadays, many men and women are becoming more proactive about their reproductive health and are seeking advice from fertility specialists to identify any health issues that could affect them.

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If any of the following conditions listed below apply to you, then we would recommend making an appointment with your fertility specialist.

Difficulty Conceiving

For many couples, getting pregnant is not as easy as popular culture makes it seem. Physicians regularly suggest seeking a complete fertility evaluation after 12 months of trying to conceive if the female partner is under the age of 35, after 6 months when she is older than 35, and after 3 months if she is 40 or over. Aside from age, it is important to be aware of several medical conditions that may indicate you could benefit from seeing a fertility specialist sooner.

Some common factors that may contribute to difficulties conceiving include:

  • Genetics
  • Blockage or scarring in the fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Abnormal sperm production or function
  • Anovulation/ovulatory dysfunction
  • Irregular menses (and causes of this) which we address in depth below

Should you end up having any difficulty conceiving, it is best to meet with a specialist to discuss your concerns, and they can discuss further options to help you and your partner.

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Women with an irregular menstrual cycle or who have no period at all may have fertility or ovulation problems. One of the most common causes of an irregular cycle is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder in which a woman’s ovaries or adrenal glands produce more male hormones than normal.

Other possible causes for infrequent or prolonged periods can include:

  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Hyperprolactinemia
  • Primary ovarian insufficiency
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Low ovarian reserves
  • Excessive exercise

If menstruation is irregular or does not occur at all, talking to a fertility specialist can help get your reproductive system back on track.

You Have Experienced Two or More Miscarriages

One common misconception is that women who experience a miscarriage can easily get pregnant again. However, having multiple miscarriages may be a sign of fertility issues that can affect many couples trying to conceive. Miscarriages are often connected to genetic abnormalities in the embryo. Other causes may include hormonal problems like diabetes, undetected structural problems in the uterus, thyroid disease, and advanced reproductive age. If you have recently experienced two or more miscarriages, it is important to seek out a fertility specialist to help identify potential issues.

If you and your partner would like to come in for a fertility consultation to discuss your concerns with Dr. Saadat, please contact our office at (310) 881-8846. Our team would like to help you understand all the choices available to you.

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