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Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate?

Posted in Surrogacy

3 Minute Read: Becoming a gestational surrogate is one of the most fulfilling ways to change the life of a couple or individual in a positive and substantial way.  Helping those who want to start or grow their family, but have significant challenges in doing so on their own, is a win-win situation. Qualifying as […]

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Are IVF Success Rates Improving?

Posted in In Vitro Fertilization

3 Minute Read: In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a common form of advanced reproductive treatment (ART) that has allowed many hopeful parents with fertility issues to realize their dreams of having a child.  Fortunately, modern advancements in the IVF process have helped improve the success rates and reduce complication risk.  The Good News About IVF […]

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Are You a Same-Gender Couple Seeking Fertility or Reproductive Assistance?

Posted in Surrogacy

3 Minute Read: All individuals and couples who want to start a family or expand the one they have, deserve access to reproductive services. Unfortunately, there have been too many cases where same-sex couples were denied this assistance. Finding Compassionate Fertility and Reproductive Services LGBTQ+ couples should thoroughly research providers before scheduling a consultation to […]

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Interested in Donating Your Eggs? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted in Egg Donation, Egg Freezing, Uncategorized

3 Minute Read: So, you want to donate your eggs! That’s a win-win situation from the beginning. While there is more involved than many women might think, this procedure and the benefits it offers are priceless. Healthy women who want to help a couple or individual become parents receive compensation for their contribution and help […]

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Can You Really Choose Your Baby’s Gender With IVF?

Posted in Gender Selection, In Vitro Fertilization

3 Minute Read: IVF (in vitro fertilization) has changed how many families are started. Today, couples and individuals who have been unsuccessful when trying to become pregnant can turn to IVF. IVF and Gender Selection Some potential parents have no preference when it comes to the sex of their child; others would choose the gender […]

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Thinking of Freezing Your Eggs? When Is the Best Time?

Posted in Egg Freezing, Fertility

2 Minute Read: Egg freezing for fertility preservation is no longer experimental. Instead, it is gradually becoming commonplace, as more and more women choose to freeze their eggs. Women are making this decision for many reasons. Some may want to focus on education or building their careers before getting into motherhood, others are doing it […]

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How Successful Are Vasectomy Reversals?

Posted in Fertility, Male Fertility

3 Minute Read: About 500,000 men in the U.S. decide to have vasectomies each year. And while the procedure is almost 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, some men later determine they want children again. That’s where reversals come into play. Vasectomy reversals have been around for some time and have a good success rate. […]

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What Does Diminished Ovarian Reserve Mean?

Posted in Fertility, Infertility

2 Minute Read: Ovarian reserve refers to the quality and quantity of the eggs left in a woman’s ovaries.  Diminished ovarian reserve often results in more complications when trying to conceive based on the lower count or quality of eggs in the ovaries.  The issue can occur due to aging, genetic defects, injuries, illness, and […]

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Should I Use an Egg Donor?

Posted in Infertility

4 Minute Read: For some, getting pregnant can seem like the easiest thing in the world; unfortunately, many couples are not quite as fortunate. When a couple wants to have a baby and nature is not cooperating, there are many fertility treatment options to consider. For some couples, this includes using an egg donor. Egg […]

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Are You Trying to Get Pregnant? Try Sleeping

Posted in Fertility

2 Minute Read: For couples trying hard to start a family, it can be surprising how small lifestyle changes can significantly impact their fertility.  Recent scientific studies have indicated that poor sleep habits may be linked to lower fertility rates in both men and women. While these studies are not conclusive, they make sense. Sleep […]

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