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Frequently Asked Questions Explained

FAQs: Do I need to treat my ovarian cyst in order to begin IVF?

FAQs: Are there any differences between babies born from natural pregnancy and IVF?

FAQs: How many eggs will you retrieve during the first egg retrieval process?

FAQs How should I prepare for an IVF?

FAQs: When will ovarian stimulation start in a menstrual cycle?

FAQs: What would you do in a case of poor response to the stimulation?

FAQs: What can I do to have embryos of good quality?

FAQs: I have a history of miscarriage – can IVF help me?

FAQs: I have intrauterine adhesions. Will IVF be helpful to me?

FAQs: What specifically should I pay attention to after my successful embryo transfer?

FAQs: What are the benefits of doing preimplantation genetic screening?

FAQs: What are the benefits of having fertility treatments in the US?

FAQs: What type of tests or treatment are required before coming to the US?

FAQs: Is egg retrieval painful?

FAQs: How long does it take for a usual IVF cycle?

FAQs: What is the difference between natural IVF and standard or stimulated IVF?

FAQs: Which type of patients would need fertility treatments?

FAQs: What should patients prepare for prior to starting fertility treatments?

FAQs: What are some of the side-effects of IVF medication?

FAQs on Ova Donor

FAQs for International Patients

FAQs on Gender Selection

FAQs on Overcoming Infertility

FAQs on Male Factor Infertility

FAQs on Lack of Ovulation

FAQs on Recurrent Miscarriages

FAQs on Ovarian Reserve

FAQs on Tubal Reversals

FAQs on Same Sex Female Couples

FAQs on Same Sex Male Couples

FAQs on Financial Options

FAQs on Egg Freezing

FAQ for Overcoming Infertility