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Health Insight on Newsweek – published 2015

If you are looking to have a baby, and have not been able to do so, Dr. Peyman Saadat and Reproductive Fertility Centers can help!

Dr. Peyman Saadat, Medical Director of Reproductive Fertility Center, has developed a unique program that is designed to maximize the pregnancy and live-birth success rates for our patients. This program combines the following essential steps and methodologies:

  • Latest Successful Methodologies
  • Soothing & Supportive Environment
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Caring & Well-Trained Team
  • Holistic Approach
  • White-Glove Service
  • Our staff will take the time to go over all of your fertility options, so that you are able to make an informed decision. We understand that your questions and concerns don’t keep office hours, which is why we strive to provide a flexible schedule. Reproductive Fertility Center will be honored to partner with you as you move towards parenthood. We truly believe that our success will be your baby.

    Our Services

    Reproductive Fertility Center provides a variety of medical, traditional medicine and nutritional services that increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy. These services include:

  • IVF
  • IUI
  • Acupuncture
  • Egg Donation with IVF
  • Surrogacy
  • Nutrition
  • Essure Reversal
  • Egg Freezing
  • Stress Relief
  • GIFT
  • ZIFT
  • Gender Selection
  • Tube Reversal
    I was stressed and depressed for not having a baby. I was referred to Dr. Saadat by my co-worker. Dr. Saadat and his staff were available throughout the procedure. I can’t thank Dr. Saadat and his staff enough for helping us make our dream come true. I would and will always recommend Dr. Saadat he is great. They granted me the most precious gift of my life.
    – Susan R., Beverly Hills, CA.


    All of our services are performed at 5 State of the art facilities in Los Angeles and Riverside counties in California, USA.

  • Santa Monica
  • West Hollywood/Beverly Hills
  • Burbank
  • Diamond Bar
  • Riverside
  • What Sets Us Apart?

    Reproductive Fertility Center’s Medical Director, Peyman Saadat, has been trained in the most innovative and cutting edge techniques and infertility treatment procedures. Dr. Saadat continues to contribute to the medical community through his involvement in various research studies for improving pregnancy rates through the use of fertility treatments.
    All infertility treatment procedures are performed on the premises.

    Reproductive Fertility Center’s own on-site laboratory enables patients to preserve and store oocytes, embryos and sperm in one location, giving patients complete piece of mind.
    Our embryology and genetic laboratory is fully equipped, with an experienced embryologist and geneticist on staff. Our fertility specialists are hands-on. We believe that this approach gives our patients the personalized care that is absolutely essential to a successful outcome. Our doctors perform all of the ultrasounds and monitoring, patient consultations and fertility treatments.

    At Reproductive Fertility Center we never batch our patients cycles together – every care plan is different and based solely upon what is right for you. We have our own egg donor program for IVF (in-vitro fertilization) with egg donor cycles, and surrogates for surrogacy with IVF. Unlike many other clinics we will not turn away patients based on age, sexual orientation, marital status or any other factor. It is our philosophy that everyone has the opportunity to reach parenthood.

    Dr. Peyman Saadat has authored over 30 medical publications, book chapters, and abstracts. He is a well-respected member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and his pregnancy success rate has consistently been above the national average rate.

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