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Fertility Tips for Same-Sex Male Couples

Posted June 15, 2021 in Fertility

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For many couples, taking steps to start a family and become parents is a significant milestone. This process is easier than ever before for intended parents, whether same sex couples or a single individual, thanks to advances in fertility medicine, surrogacy practices, and legal precedents. 

The steps to becoming parents no longer only depend on adoption for same-sex male couples. Instead, more male couples are becoming parents to their own biological children with the assistance of a surrogate. 

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How to Select an Egg Donor

Selecting an egg donor is the first step for our prospective parents. Our fertility clinic works with many healthy egg donors. We are happy to help connect you with the best donor that matches your needs. 

Once you have selected your egg donor, they will provide multiple eggs for use in an IVF procedure. This process will create an embryo using the donated egg and client’s sperm. The sperm used to create the embryo may be provided by one or both male partners. 

You can learn more about our egg donor program here.

How to Select a Surrogate

 A surrogacy pregnancy involves implanting an embryo into a surrogate who will carry the child to term on behalf of their parents. Dr. Saadat helps male couples find both a viable egg donor and surrogate and ensures that the process goes smoothly.

Surrogates undergo IVF to achieve pregnancy and carry your child to term. 

You can learn more about fertility treatments for same-sex couples here.

Once you have selected an egg donor, you will then need to choose a surrogate. For some couples, a family member may choose to carry the child. However, in many cases, our fertility clinic connects you with a screened surrogate who is willing to carry your child.

Surrogates must meet specific criteria in terms of health, lifestyle, medical conditions, and more. These conditions ensure that surrogacy is as safe as possible for both the surrogate and the baby. 

Once you and your surrogate have met and agreed to undergo this process together, you will need to enter into a legal agreement with each other. Surrogacy is an extensive process that involves evaluations of the surrogate and the signing of many legal documents. 

Trust is an integral part of the surrogate relationship. We strive to ensure that all parties understand the commitment of surrogacy before the process begins. 

Once the legal and financial aspects of this journey are in place, the treatment can begin.  

For a same-sex couple or individual (male), this means using frozen donor eggs or retrieving fresh eggs from an ova donor. In either case, once the eggs are fertilized, they will be watched for several days before being transferred. This is called a “fresh” transfer. If the parent(s) have chosen to use PGT on the embryos, it will require a frozen embryo transfer at a later date, because it will take time to get the PGT results back and reviewed.

You can learn more about the surrogacy process here.

Legal Resources for Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a complex legal situation that requires lawyers who specialize in the topic. Fortunately, our fertility clinic works closely with several law offices specializing in legal issues surrounding surrogacy and same-sex parenting. 

We will help you and your surrogate select and work with legal experts to protect your and your surrogate’s rights. For the safety of you and your surrogate, we ensure that separate lawyers represent each party while establishing the surrogacy contract. This ensures that no conflicts of interest arise among the legal experts helping you grow your family.

Do you Want to Learn More About Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples?

If you are interested in learning more about our surrogacy program or other same-sex fertility options, please call our office at (310) 929-6707 to schedule an appointment. Our egg donor and surrogacy coordinators will be happy to answer any questions you have at one of our Southern California offices.