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Should I Choose Egg Donation?

Posted July 26, 2017 in Blog

If you are struggling to become pregnant and testing has indicated that you or your partner is infertile, we at Reproductive Fertility Clinic are here to help you explore your options. One of the most successful treatments for couples who are failing to conceive a child naturally is in vitro fertilization. This treatment provides an opportunity to carry and deliver your baby.

A couple making a heart shape on the pregnant belly with their hands However, patients who turn to IVF treatments can face more difficulties with conceiving as the female partner gets older. These issues usually surround the viability of the eggs in a woman over 35 years of age. However, age doesn’t have to prevent you from carrying your baby. Here at RFC, we work with women in this exact situation, who have chosen to use an egg donor to achieve their dream of parenthood.

Ovarian Reserves Decline With Age

Women are born with all the eggs they will have during their life. They are born with about 2 million eggs, but by the time a girl hits puberty, she only has 4 to 5 hundred thousand left. Each month during ovulation, a woman can lose 10 to 100 eggs. This means that by the time a woman reaches her mid to late 30s, she will have lost a significant portion of her viable eggs.

Ovarian Reserve Testing

At Reproductive Fertility, we perform ovarian reserve testing to help determine your fertility. It is important that patients with fertility issues undergo evaluation. We will generally use the tests below get an idea of your baseline fertility:

  • An ultrasound checks the number of resting follicles per ovary.
  • AMH (anti-Müllerian hormone) levels are tested.
    • Having a range between one and two is considered normal and can indicate good fertility. A level that is too low or too high may indicate an issue.
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone and estradiol levels are measured during the second or third day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Other blood tests may be used to the determine your ovarian reserves.

Egg Donation for Low Ovarian Reserves

If you don’t have a viable source of eggs to use for IVF treatments, egg donation is a successful option for many couples. Whether age has lowered your ovarian reserves or medical conditions like PCOS have affected your eggs, we have a 70 percent success rate using egg donation. We work with donors from a variety of ethnicities to help you create your dream family.

Come in for a fertility consultation and discuss your fertility options with Dr. Saadat. We are thrilled to help you start or grow your family and will work with you to help you understand all the choices available to you. Please contact us at 310.929.6707 or contact us online.

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