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What Does Diminished Ovarian Reserve Mean?

2 Minute Read: Ovarian reserve refers to the quality and quantity of the eggs left in a woman’s ovaries.  Diminished ovarian reserve often results in more complications when trying to conceive based on the lower count or quality of eggs in the ovaries.  The issue can occur due to aging, genetic defects, injuries, illness, and […]

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Should I Use an Egg Donor?

4 Minute Read: For some, getting pregnant can seem like the easiest thing in the world; unfortunately, many couples are not quite as fortunate. When a couple wants to have a baby and nature is not cooperating, there are many fertility treatment options to consider. For some couples, this includes using an egg donor. Egg […]

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What Lifestyle Changes Can Increase My Fertility?

5 Minute Read: For many women looking to start a family, it can be challenging to determine basic lifestyle changes they can implement to increase their fertility. Some steps may seem obvious in hindsight, while others may seem counterintuitive. If you’re trying to conceive, consider these simple changes that may improve your fertility. 5 Things […]

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What Fertility Tests and Procedures Are Available to Help Me?

3 Minute Read: You’re ready to start a family. You want to get pregnant. You’ve tried to get pregnant—but have had no success. The difficulty of conceiving a child is far from an isolated event. Women everywhere—and of all ages— experience this frustration and devastation. For women, not getting pregnant when they’ve been trying to […]

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How Can Men Protect Their Fertility?

3 Minute Read: Men can develop infertility due to a variety of factors. This may mean that they are unable to impregnate a woman naturally, or in some cases, their bodies do not produce sufficient sperm. These conditions may be treated or worked around depending on the specific issue. The two broad categories of male […]

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5 Common Questions About Infertility

3 Minute Read: 1. What Is Infertility?  The medical definition of infertility is an inability of a couple of child-bearing age to successfully conceive after a year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. It also encompasses those who may conceive but repeatedly miscarry. A more simple definition of infertility is:  When a couple under 35 years […]

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