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Are IVF Success Rates Improving?

3 Minute Read: In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a common form of advanced reproductive treatment (ART) that has allowed many hopeful parents with fertility issues to realize their dreams of having a child.  Fortunately, modern advancements in the IVF process have helped improve the success rates and reduce complication risk.  The Good News About IVF […]

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Can You Really Choose Your Baby’s Gender With IVF?

3 Minute Read: IVF (in vitro fertilization) has changed how many families are started. Today, couples and individuals who have been unsuccessful when trying to become pregnant can turn to IVF. IVF and Gender Selection Some potential parents have no preference when it comes to the sex of their child; others would choose the gender […]

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How Do I Know if I Should See a Fertility Specialist?

2 Minute Read: Many prospective parents don’t know when they should see a fertility specialist. It can be difficult to know if the challenges you are experiencing are typical or need specialized care.  Dr. Saadat has a few guidelines to help prospective parents decide if they should schedule a fertility evaluation. How Long Can Conception […]

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Benefits of Natural In Vitro Fertilization

3 Minute Read: Many fertility treatments are available for patients having difficulties starting a family. One of the most well-known treatments is in vitro fertilization (IVF).  At a basic level, IVF involves combining sperm with eggs (often using ICSI) and allowing the resulting embryos to develop in our dedicated fertility clinic for up to five […]

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Should I Choose IUI or IVF Fertility Treatments?

2 Minute Read: For many families struggling with infertility, it can be difficult to decide what treatment options to pursue. The first step in dealing with infertility is to get a diagnosis from an infertility specialist like Dr. Saadat. A diagnosis may require a series of tests to determine the cause of infertility. This process […]

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What Are the Advantages of Sex Selection for Family Planning?

3 Minute Read: One of the most exciting advances in family planning is biological gender (sex) selection. This procedure uses IVF treatments and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to transfer an embryo of a specific sex so parents can be 97 percent certain of their child’s biological gender long before birth. For more information on this […]

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5 Common Questions About Infertility

3 Minute Read: 1. What Is Infertility?  The medical definition of infertility is an inability of a couple of child-bearing age to successfully conceive after a year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. It also encompasses those who may conceive but repeatedly miscarry. A more simple definition of infertility is:  When a couple under 35 years […]

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How Does Gender Selection Work?

2 Minute Read: Gender reveal parties have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, but some couples are now turning to the latest technology and treatments to choose the biological gender of their baby. At Reproductive Facility, our fertility specialists are here to assist you in creating a happy and healthy family.  There is no denying […]

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Simple Tips for New Parents After Fertility Treatments

3 Minute Read: At Reproductive Fertility, we offer a range of fertility services to help intended parents achieve their family goals. If you’re experiencing difficulties becoming pregnant, a comprehensive fertility evaluation can identify any potential issues and the best approaches for you.  Your options for achieving pregnancy may include one or more of the following:  […]

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5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive During Fertility Treatment

3 Minute Read: When a couple seeks fertility treatment to begin or add to their family, it can be a sensitive and busy time. Maintaining intimacy may not be at the top of their list, and their relationship may take a back seat. It is important to build a strong foundation with your partner and […]

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