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Thinking of Freezing Your Eggs? When Is the Best Time?

2 Minute Read: Egg freezing for fertility preservation is no longer experimental. Instead, it is gradually becoming commonplace, as more and more women choose to freeze their eggs. Women are making this decision for many reasons. Some may want to focus on education or building their careers before getting into motherhood, others are doing it […]

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How Successful Are Vasectomy Reversals?

3 Minute Read: About 500,000 men in the U.S. decide to have vasectomies each year. And while the procedure is almost 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, some men later determine they want children again. That’s where reversals come into play. Vasectomy reversals have been around for some time and have a good success rate. […]

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What Does Diminished Ovarian Reserve Mean?

2 Minute Read: Ovarian reserve refers to the quality and quantity of the eggs left in a woman’s ovaries.  Diminished ovarian reserve often results in more complications when trying to conceive based on the lower count or quality of eggs in the ovaries.  The issue can occur due to aging, genetic defects, injuries, illness, and […]

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Are You Trying to Get Pregnant? Try Sleeping

2 Minute Read: For couples trying hard to start a family, it can be surprising how small lifestyle changes can significantly impact their fertility.  Recent scientific studies have indicated that poor sleep habits may be linked to lower fertility rates in both men and women. While these studies are not conclusive, they make sense. Sleep […]

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What Are the Benefits of Individualized Supplements When It Comes to Fertility?

2 Minute Read: When you begin treatment with Dr. Saadat, one of the first things he will do after evaluating your medical history and goals may be to recommend a series of fertility supplements. These supplements can help increase the chances of successful pregnancy as they help improve the quality and production of sperm and […]

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What Are the Benefits of Fertility Services in the United States?

4 Minute Read: For many patients abroad, traveling to the US for fertility treatments may appear to be more trouble than it’s worth. It can be challenging to secure travel documents, pay for a plane ticket, and secure lodging in the US. However, there are several advantages to undergoing fertility treatments in America that you […]

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Should I Get a COVID-19 Vaccine if I Am Pregnant or Trying to Conceive?

3 Minute Read: With COVID-19 continuing to spread across the world, the risk of women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant catching the virus is high. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is particularly dangerous for pregnant women.  According to the CDC, pregnant women have a higher chance of developing severe symptoms from the virus than non-pregnant […]

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Fertility Tips for Same-Sex Male Couples

3 Minute Read: For many couples, taking steps to start a family and become parents is a significant milestone. This process is easier than ever before for intended parents, whether same sex couples or a single individual, thanks to advances in fertility medicine, surrogacy practices, and legal precedents.  The steps to becoming parents no longer […]

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How Do I Know if I Should See a Fertility Specialist?

2 Minute Read: Many prospective parents don’t know when they should see a fertility specialist. It can be difficult to know if the challenges you are experiencing are typical or need specialized care.  Dr. Saadat has a few guidelines to help prospective parents decide if they should schedule a fertility evaluation. How Long Can Conception […]

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How Can Women Protect Their Fertility?

2 Minute Read: Infertility can be a significant concern for women, both emotionally and physically. Women may become infertile over time due to age or as a result of external factors. While nothing can prevent the aging process, there are steps women can take to protect their fertility as they age.  Learn more about the […]

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