IUI with Oral Medication Cost

This is a summary of IUI with oral medication treatment packages with respective fees. These treatments include services such as office visits, ultrasounds, lab tests, supplies, sperm wash, sperm preparation, one insemination and two pregnancy tests at the end of your treatment. The treatment package cost begins when the IUI medication starts and it ends with the second pregnancy test at the end of the treatment. All fees for services outside a package or in between packages are due at the time of service.

Package A – Single IUI – $1,220

Package B – Three IUI – $3,200

Sperm sort for gender selection – $450 per cycle

If you select Package B, and a viable pregnancy occurs on the first or second try, there will be no refund. If you select Package B and you decide to stop the treatments after the first or second try, there will be no refund.

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