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Everyone at Reproductive Fertility Center understands that infertility treatment may be costly, emotionally exhausting, and difficult. We have made IVF cost affordable to help patients cope with the financial burden of infertility treatment, Reproductive Fertility Center have developed fertility treatment packages that may help you achieve pregnancy in a less stressful manner.

Reproductive Fertility Center offers different financing and risk-sharing IVF cost programs. Our financial advisor will fulfill your needs in the best possible way by providing you with the most cost effective plan to achieve pregnancy. Regardless of which cost package you pick, you will find the IVF cost (in vitro fertilization cost) to be the one of the most competitive and affordable cost plan. You can learn about the our pricing/cost options by calling us at (213)784–3542. The cost for IVF single cycle varies from IVF single cycle using an ovum donor or a surrogate mom. We also offer Natural IVF cost as compared to traditional IVF cost to qualified patients.

How much does an IVF (In vitro Fertilization) cost? (ivf cost)

IVF Cost and Packages

The cost of IVF (in vitro fertilization) at Reproductive Fertility Center is very competitive, and is tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient. Below is a general summary of our IVF treatment packages and pricing/cost.

  • Natural IVF price/cost:

  • Natural IVF or Mini IVF is a lower-cost alternative to traditional IVF treatment, but with higher success rates than IUI. They involve little or no hormonal stimulation and therefore less costs for monitoring and medications. All cycles include monitoring, blood tests (including pregnancy tests), IVF and embryo transfer. Other services and charges will apply.

    • Single Mini/Natural IVF Cycle cost - $4,200
    • Two Mini/Natural Cycle IVF cost - $7,500
    • Three Mini/Natural Cycle IVF cost - $10,800

    Traditional In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) i.e. IVF Single Cycle Pricing/Cost

    • IVF cost for a Single Cycle - $6,000
      All IVF cycles include in-cycle monitoring, blood tests (including pregnancy tests), and embryo transfer. Other services and charges will apply.
    • IVF cost for Single Cycle using an Ovum Donor - $10,800
      This option includes a combined IVF cycle for the donor and recipient. Other services and charges will apply. This package does not include donor compensation fees.
    • IVF cost for Single Cycle using a Surrogate - $10,800
      This option includes a combined IVF cycle for the recipient and surrogate. Other services and charges will apply. This package does not include surrogate compensation fees.

  • Traditional Two-Cycle IVF Pricing/Cost (This option will include two fresh cycles.)

    • 21-39 years - $8,800
    • 40-44 years - $9,800

    Other services and charges will apply.

    • Traditional IVF Three-Cycle Pricing - $11,300/$13,000 (This option will include three fresh cycles.) Other services and charges will apply.
    • IVF Shared Risk Plan - $16,000

      The IVF Shared Risk plan is a three-cycle IVF that offers a partial refund if no pregnancy is achieved after the third cycle.

    ***Qualification Criteria Applies

    Additional costs will apply for all IVF pricing, including pre-cycle labwork, medications, and Operating Room (OR)fees. For a detailed breakdown of all IVF rates and fees, please call send us an email or make an appointment today!

    To find out if you qualify for one of our fertility treatment packages, please contact us or schedule an appointment for consultation to review your history and go over all of the options available to you.

    Please note: These packages are NOT billable to insurance. They are cash discounted cycles and cannot be itemized for any purpose.

    *** Reproductive Fertility Center reserves the right to adjust our service fees periodically without prior written notice.

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    I straight away knew he is the right fertility doctor for me. He has complete knowledge of infertility treatment options. He took lot of time to explain all possible options with the best chances for our case. He and his staff are very skilled, compassionate and provided personalized care. The staff is incredible they will always answer all my questions in detail at any time I call.

    We saw the first heartbeat on August 5th. They granted me the most precious gift of my life. If you are a woman or a couple who is looking for the best of the best in the fertility world - Dr. Saadat is, as I like to say, THE MAN!

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