Natural IVF or Mini IVF or Micro IVF treatment at our Fertility Clinic

We are one of the first fertility clinics in the nation to offer Mini or Natural IVF. RFC started the natural ivf or mini IVF program in early 2000, and have consistently had high successful pregnancy rates.

Natural ivf or Mini ivf (in vitro fertilization)

Mini ivf is an abbreviation for minimal stimulation IVF. During a mini ivf (or natural ivf) cycle, less medication is used, therefore resulting in less ovarian stimulation. This may produce higher quality eggs than a higher level of ovarian stimulation. Medications used during a mini IVF include the oral medications Clomiphene or Letrozole. Alternatively, 75 to 150 units of gonadotropins may be used. Sometimes both oral medications and low dose gonadotropins are used.

A GnRH antagonist may also be used to prevent LH surge. Mini IVF or Natural IVF may result in a different approach to egg retrievals with respect to the amount of anesthesia used during the egg retrieval. The goal is to conceive with less medication, and in as natural a way as possible. Because less medication is used, a natural IVF /mini IVF can be less expensive than a regular IVF. Unfortunately, not all women medically qualify for mini/natural ivf cycles. Natural IVF may result in fewer eggs than a standard IVF. Mini IVF has a higher risk of not retrieving any eggs due to the fact that some women will naturally ovulate early when we use little or no medication to prevent ovulation. Qualification depends on various factors. When you meet with one of our fertility doctors, they will discuss in depth which option will offer you the best chance of success.
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At RFC we offer comprehensive fertility treatments, with options including IUI, IVF, PGD, Egg-Freezing, Egg-Donor Cycles, Surrogacy options, and more. We have a state of the art laboratory, with embryologists on staff, which means greater peace of mind for you. Our fertility doctors have experience successfully treating patients that other centers may have turned away. Come in and meet with one of our doctors and learn what options may work best for you. Our doctors are highly skilled and at the forefront of new treatment options and techniques. They are always open to input from you, and we encourage you to ask questions. RFC feels that this team approach has contributed to our higher than the national average success rate. ...

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This is one of the best fertility clinic in the nation. Dr. Saadat helped us to have our baby. After some failure with in vitro fertilization at other fertility clinics across Los Angeles, he and his staff made it happen. I found him online and made the appointment to see him in his Beverly Hills office.

We saw the first heartbeat on August 5th. They granted me the most precious gift of my life. If you are a woman or a couple who is looking for the best of the best in the fertility world - Dr. Saadat is, as I like to say, THE MAN!

Sarah. P